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THE "SPRING FLING" IS ON AT THE LOT!! --- SO HERE IS THE DEAL: WHOLESALE OR "BELOW COST" ON ALL INVENTORY!! ANY REASONABLE OFFER WILL BUY YOUR DREAM TRAILER ! FREE FREE FREE (3) THREE WEEKS OF CAMPING WITH EVERY UNIT, NEW OR USED !!!! It is our goal to sell as many of the present inventory, (including the 2016's) to make factory quota .... see how much farther your dollar will go during this event !!!

Recent Listings


8-1/2 X 24 CAR HAULER

2016 | Cargo | 3,240 Pounds



8ft x 20ft CAR HAULER

2016 | Cargo | 3,090 Pounds



7ft x 12ft RAMP DOOR

2016 | | 1,820 Pounds